Top 10 Disney World Rides you must do at night!

Dumbo at Night

Let’s face it: all of the rides in Disney World are awesome. However, some rides are just better experienced at night. Below, I have made a list of ten rides that I think provide a better experience in the evenings. Do you agree with my suggestions?

Splash Mountain – One of the classic rides in the Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain is considered the best ride to experience at night. Why? That pivotal moment before your car plunges 50ft below, the view of Cinderella Castle is exquisite. Not to mention, the darkness adds quite the thrill to your drop.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad– Another Magic Kingdom classic, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a runaway train that whisks you through mines and canyons. Since this ride is set outdoors, the thrill factor increases in the darkness of the night especially with the rickety sounds of the out of control train ringing in your ears.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – What is scarier than random free fall drops in the warped Hollywood Hotel? Darkness. The drops are already dark but when the doors open at the top of the elevator shaft and Hollywood Studios sits before you eyes in a nighttime setting, the view is breathtaking and creepy all at the same time.

The Jungle Cruise – Riding through The Jungle Cruise during the day is a very tame experience but at night? I can only imagine that floating through water in the jungle at night has to be a bit uncomfortable. I would also consider avoiding this ride at night when with small children as it may be too scary for them.

The Haunted Mansion – If you have the courage, hobble through the path to the Haunted Mansion one evening. There is nothing scarier than walking through haunted grounds in the dark. I would also consider avoiding this ride at night when with small children as it may be too scary for them.

It’s a Small World – Yes I know, It’s a Small World is not scary nor is it outside. It is, however, in Fantasyland which is extremely crowded during the day. Evening makes the perfect opportunity to experience this classic ride.

Test Track – Everyone loves to drive fast but to drive fast at night is the ultimate driving experience.

Expedition Everest – This ride is scary, bumpy and fast! Add darkness to the mix and you have one heck of a thrilling experience. Again, please consider young children and their reaction to riding this in the dark.

Mad Tea Party – The Mad Tea Party is one of the most crowded rides in the Magic Kingdom. Although it doesn’t lighten up in crowds that much in the evenings, it just seems more vibrant and exciting. The lights and bright colors of the ride contrast greatly with the night sky giving it a brilliant effect.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Another Magic Kingdom favorite, Dumbo the Flying Elephant is wonderful to ride at night. The attraction is not crowded and is an excellent distraction for little ones during Wishes.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin – Lastly, The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is a ride similar to Dumbo. Since it is outdoors, riding in the calm of the evening makes it a much more pleasant experience.

So what Disney World rides must you do at night? Let me know in the comment box below!

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She marvels in raising their children to be lifelong Disney Enthusiasts.

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  • Sally

    Gotta say Astro Orbiter should have made the list. Take out the Haunted House.

  • Mark

    The views from astro orbiter are great at night. second best behind big thunder mountain

  • iSRS

    I can’t believe Astro Orbiter didn’t make the the list!