Dumbo the Flying Elephant


Dumbo the Flying Elephant is the classic Disney attraction….with a super cute makeover and TWO sets of flying elephants!  The 1941 classic Disney movie flies above the new Fantasyland, just past Goofy’s Great Goofini and Casey Jrs. Splash Station.  Guests have two options here:  FastPass or enjoy the interactive queue and be paged when it’s your turn to board a flying elephant.  Either way, you can enjoy parts of Storybook Circus while you wait.
  • If you choose FastPass, you’ll enter through the left carousel and queue.  If you choose to wait in the circus tent, you’ll be given a pager which holds your place in line.
  • Parents can have a seat on the bleachers in the air conditioned tent while children enjoy slides, climbing nets, and more until it’s their turn.
  • Guests in a wheelchair must transfer.  This ride is gentle, and excellent for the whole family.
  • There is a stationary Dumbo located outside the ride.  This makes an excellent photograph area!
  • You can control how high your elephant flies with a joystick.  Children under 7 need to ride with someone 14 years or older.

Ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant at night, and you’ll enjoy colorful lights and sounds!  It’s a much different experience during the night.  There are characters you can meet across from Dumbo the Flying Elephant, in Pete’s Silly Sideshow.

Quick Tip:  The Dumbo carousels turn in opposite directions-one goes counter clockwise while the other goes clockwise.  Try riding via the FastPass and then during the interactive queue to enjoy different views of the Storybook Circus area.  
Overall, we give this attraction an “A+”.


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  • David Murawski

    If you liked the old one, you’ll love the NEW ones. Don’t be afraid of the standby queue. You can wait inside in the AC while the kids play until it’s your turn!

  • springberry

    My daughter is so excited to ride Dumbo again in Sept

  • Cara

    My kids love this ride, we were lucky enough to keep riding this ride when the park was open until midnight!

  • Tatyana

    It was our favorite ride!

  • Patti70

    The play area is a great idea, especially with the air conditioning. Made the wait much more bearable.

  • Julie Delgadillo

    I am excited that they have added a 2nd one. I always want to go on it, I’ve gone on this since I was a kid, but standing out in that horrid heat for 50 minutes for a short ride didn’t really feel worth it. I’m excited to see what it’s like when we can go back and I’m excited for the new queue.

  • Tabbatha Stephens

    a beloved classic always worth the wait :)

  • Lauren

    We love Dumbo! The new one is absolutely beautiful!

  • Katie

    can’t wait to get back to see how they’ve redone Dumbo!

  • Erin Webber

    Dumbo at night is a must!

  • Shifra

    We love Dumbo!