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    It is a dream to one day stay at the Grand Floridian, But my three trips to Pop Century were all spot on, and I’m rather cheap. So unless I win a prize, I can’t see myself forking out the cash on even a Moderate. Pop is my home.

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    I think they are definitely worth the cost! I’ve stayed at Beach Club, Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boardwalk, and the Contemporary. Loved them all and I’m so spoiled! I have also stayed at the Port Orleans resorts, which I like a lot. My only complaint is the room size- I love having a big hotel room as there are almost always 4 or 5 of us traveling. I stayed at Pop Century once for one night- fun theme, but the rooms were just not quite enough for me and I felt absolutely claustrophobic in the food court.

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    Jennifer Christenson Thomas

    I have stayed at Cont. & Wilderness Lodge as well as POFQ – and while I think Wilderness was AWESOME – I thought the Cont. was too crowded and not as nice. POFQ was actually one of our favs – and didn’t differ as much from the Deluxe resorts as I’d thought. The only main difference was the transportation – and I thought that it was actually easier there than any of the others.

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