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    Hogwash! Don’t let anybody tell you that a toddler won’t remember. I took my granddaughter a month before she was 3. Almost 3 years later she is still telling her daddy and anyone who will listen that she wants to go back. While she may not remember the details the point is that she remembers going.

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    Thanks for your comment, ‘kbuck’! Don’t let others discourage you from going to Disney with young kids… you certainly know that your daughters are capable of remembering all of the fun they had! Enjoy your upcoming January trip!! =)

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    Glad my article put a smile on your face, Chrystal! My son calls Mickey “me-me.” Thanks for sharing all that your son remembers. =)

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    Spot on, Tracy! Thanks for reading my article. :o)

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    I agree with M&M; you’re comment was spot on. People do so many things with and for their young kids, why not Disney?

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    Well said!

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    Ugh. This topic makes me bristle. I was confronted with this same attitude – repeatedly – before we brought my 4-going-on-5 year old to Disney a couple of years ago.

    There are many, MANY, places we went and things we did when my son was small (not even a year old in many cases) that he may not remember; visiting Santa at Christmas time, going to the Science Museum, the Children’s Museum, the State Fair, going to plays and movies and shows, watching parades, taking walks to the park, visiting Grandma, driving north to Lake Superior or south to visit family in Iowa, hiking, biking, camping, the list goes on. Never once did someone question why I would bother since he wouldn’t remember.

    Besides the fact that I get to see him react and respond to all these new experiences – which is a great reason to do a variety of things with your children – everything we do and see with our kids leaves an indelible mark whether there is a conscious memory or not. They learn, feel and believe things because of what we expose them to, how we react to those experiences and how we bring them into the moment. They may not remember the whys or hows of when their feelings or beliefs began but that really isn’t the point 🙂

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    Isabell Blancher

    Our littlest one was 9months old his first time. He was more interested in being kept busy then the characters. He did like the characters. Now that he is 5 (going on 6 in Nov) he can tell you the last 3-4 trips we’ve been to Disney. We go annually and some times even semi-annually IF we can. I remember his first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean, which sounds scary but he was NOT at all scared a little.

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    This made me smile! My oldest first trip was when he was 19 months and even then he knew who Mickey was. (“Me” as he called him back then) and could not get enough of the rides and characters. While he may not remember that trip no one can tell that he did not know where he was in that moment! His 2nd trip was at age 2 1/2 (his baby brother was 5 months old) and he STILL talks about the “music notes” (we stayed at All-Star Music in a family suite), meeting the characters, riding the disney train, and loves to say JAMBO JAMBO EVERYONE from Kilimanjaro Safari =)

    We now live in Southern California and have annual passes to Disneyland. He constantly says “I need Mickey” and ‘Want to go to Disney?” =)

    I know this is a LONG comment but to sum it up .. Toddlers DEFINETLY remember and LOVE Disney just as much as their parents sometimes =)

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    I took my first child at 8 months old. He probably wont remember it but I certainly will. His face and amusement at the sights and sounds was something i’ll never forget and disney is not just about making memories for the kids. We have been back since with two boys, age 4 and 2 and they talk about all of the rides, shops and experiences. We are heading back again at 6 and 4 years in October. Looking forward to making more magical memories, especially as they should be tall enough to go on most of the rides….Does anyone have a drink me potion that will help him grow???

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    Carolyn burns

    My 3 year old (2 and half at October trip) has not stopped talking about the “castle” and when she gets to go back at 5 years old. (she and her 6 year old sister still don’t know that we are actually going back this October :)) cant e
    Wait to create even more memories

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    Im hoping to bring my little guy there next year, he will be around 2 1/2. If he doesnt remember the trip it is an excuse to take him there again to jog his memory 😉

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    I appreciate this article. I took my 2 girls, for their birthdays this past January. They turned 4 and 2 during our trip and people told me they would never remember. They haven’t stopped talking about it. And we have booked our trip for January 2013. My four year old still talks about the hill in the pirates of the Caribbean ride! And my 2 year old talks about the toy story ride. I remember reading a post on this site last year about the most annoying people in WDW and some guy said young kids and it really made me upset. He believed that children under 10 should stay home because they made his trip unpleasant and they weren’t socially fit. So thank you for this post!

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