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Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular is a classic, beautiful, magical way to end your day at any Disney park.  This fireworks show takes place at Magic Kingdom Park, with Cinderella’s Castle as the backdrop.  Since this nighttime “spectacular” is typically a nightly occurrence at Magic Kingdom, you’ll have several opportunities to catch the show while on your Disney vacation.  A few things to keep in mind:

  • There isn’t a “bad” viewing spot from anywhere in Magic Kingdom.  In fact, you could even view Wishes from the same spot you chose for the Main Street Electrical Parade or vice versa.  They often happen one after the other.
  • The Grand Floridian. Polynesian, and Contemporary Resorts are excellent “out of the park” viewing spots.  In fact, in some of these locations the soundtrack is piped in, so you get some extra magic!
  • The show is about 12 minutes in length.  A great idea is to book a Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party to enjoy some sweet treats AND a classic view of Wishes.
  • Jiminy Cricket, as well as many favorite Disney characters narrate the show-and if you choose a viewing spot close to the castle or along one of the bridges there, you’re likely to see Tinkerbell take a flight from Cinderella’s castle!

This nighttime show can be loud for young children, so a viewing spot outside the park isn’t a bad idea.  Also, if you happen to be on a “flying” attraction such as Dumbo, your views could be really unique!

Overall, we give this nightly entertainment at Magic Kingdom an “A+”.

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