Top 10 Walt Disney World Must Do’s


Have you ever tried to narrow a trip to Disney World down to your Top Ten Must Do items?  Wow, it’s harder than you would think! I have no idea how Staci does it on her Walt Disney World in Room TV show. Here is my attempt at narrowing down my list to just 10 items. See if you agree with me…

1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant – I mean, you have to.   It’s iconic and symbolizes all things Disney.  There is even a Dumbo car at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.  Have you seen it? I am so glad Dumbo now has 2 sides and a fun play area.

2.  Disney World Mountain Coasters – Ok, I am going to cheat a little here – the “Mountains” at Magic Kingdom – Splash, Thunder, and Space.  They are the trifecta of rides.  You must do them all. Which one if your favorite Mountain Coaster?

3.  The Festival of the Lion King – this show gives me chills everytime.  They always have some amazing singers that can really belt out that first… Nants ingonyama bagithi baba from the Circle of Life song.  Yep, I had to look it up. Don’t forget Festival of the Lion King will be reopening at their new location later this year. 

4.  Expedition Everest – I can only do this ride once a day, but I love it.  The line is just as fantastic as the ride.  I feel like I am at Base Camp getting ready for a trip.  The Yeti, going backwards, screaming…I love it.

5.  Soarin’ – If you haven’t been on this ride, you need to run there first on your next trip.  So many people skip Epcot because they say it’s “boring”.  I would go for just this ride.

6.  Talk Time with Crush – I haven’t seen an experience like this anywhere.  My daughter still remembers when Crush told her how cool she was because her favorite food is ribs.  It’s different every time and Crush talks from the screen to his audience.   It is so unique and unlike anything else even at Disney.  I still can’t figure out how they do it.

7.  Tower of Terror – the themeing of this ride is unparalleled.  You are in the Bates Motel.  It’s creepy, the cast members are always unnerving, and the adrenline pumps the second you get in line because you know what is coming.  I hate drop rides, but I scare myself silly on this one because it’s worth it!

8.  Star Tours – Disney has made this ride one that you can do a dozen times in a day because it’s different every time.  This is a must for all Star Wars fans.  It’s a simulator ride, so if those make you sick…beware.

9.   Ok, cheating a little bit again – World Showcase at Epcot.  There are lots of fun ways that you can tour the Showcase countries.  You can visit the Kidcot station in each country and learn something new in each place like how to spell your name in Chinese… OR, you can try a dessert in each country (totally fun).  OR you could drink your way through the World Showcase.  Let me know if you live to tell about that – there are some pretty potent drinks at Epcot.  Ever been to the Food and Wine Festival??

10.  Main Street Electrical Parade – This is my absolute FAVORITE thing in all of Disney.  For some reason, the warm night air, sparkling lights, and festive feeling of the parks in the dark gets me every time.  It’s a feeling…the reason that I love it so much.  A feeling that touches me right in the ticker.  It makes me misty every time and a trip to Disney isn’t complete until I sit criss cross applesauce under the rope on Main Street.  It is spectacular.

What are your favorites?  Which one is left off that makes you say “How Could You?!”  Let me know!

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Cameron is a mom of two tweens, Phoebe and Eli. As her children have grown, the way that they visit Disney has evolved.Follow her blog for tips and tricks on how to have fun and enjoy Disney with kids of all ages.Cameron is a Travel Agent with Destinations in Florida, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

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  • Miche

    I agree with all of the above, but I would also like to add Fantasmic & Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. I grew up on the Indiana Jones franchise & I love seeing the sparkling lights, pyrotechnics & anything that features special effects with our favorite Disney characters.

  • MP

    We absolutely love all of the things you have listed here and agree with all of them. There are some things that we feel however set Disney apart from other theme parks. When I think of Disney one thing of course that comes to mind is Mickey Mouse, so I would think one needs to meet Mickey and some characters on a trip to Disney. The monorail is also unique and special to Disney so take a loop on the monorail.