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    Yes it is Michelle. That whole area is still labeled Pleasure Island – it just doesn’t have the clubs and stuff like it use to, but it’s definitely still there. We were just there last week and walked right through it. All the main restaurants are located there. Once the new parts are built though, I’m sure it’ll change names. They’ve relocated some of the entertainers to the Marketplace part though (like the living ‘statues’).

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    Michelle Gelinas Calhoun

    Pleasure Island is no longer there.

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    One thing to know about fireworks at the Poly–people there tend to be QUITE chatty. We saw Hallowishes for the first time there this year, and we could barely hear the music. The people right behind us, in particular, kept up a running conversation about their families, their other vacations, and just everything in their lives. I don’t understand why they even went out on that section of beach! We enjoyed the show, but the speakers are so far behind the beach, if the crowd is even a little talkative, you can forget hearing any music, Luckily, the fireworks are awesome anyway!

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