Campfire Sing-A-Long with Chip and Dale

Hey y’all …
I’m going to share on of my favorite FREE things to do at WDW !!
A lot of people think Disney and see money signs or say “it’s so expensive to do other things at Disney World outside of going to the parks”.I’m here to tell you that’s not true at all.Most of us are on a budget of some kind and we look for ways to cut costs and have fun while traveling “The World”.

One of the best kept secrets is the Campfire Sing-A-Long with Chip and Dale! It is a nightly foot stopmin’,s’more makin’, Hokey Pokey dancin’ all around fun time *don’t forget the bug spray because they like to show up too!*

Head on over to the Fort Wilderness Campground and look for the Meadow Trading Post campfire area.There is a bus that will take you and drop you off.You can walk on over if you choose too but we take the bus because who doesn’t like to sit when they can?
If you get lost ask a Cowboy or Cowgirl   CM to guide you in the right direction. They usually light the fires in the spring/summer months around 8pm and in the fall/winter months around 7pm.This is an outdoor venue so you would want to check the weather report because they do cancel it if it’s raining.

When you arrive at the campfire area you will see the Chuckwagon Snack Bar where they have kits to make your s’mores and roasting sticks. The kits have everything you need to make s’mores for a family of 4 for around $9.00.But you can always bring your own and purchase your roasting stick there for $0.49! We raided our cabinets before we left and packed all of our s’more goodies in a bag to bring with us.We had more than enough and even had some left over to share with other families around us.
They also have hot dogs,nachos,pizza,soda and water available for purchase as well.At the time we were not able to use our dining plan but things may have changed since August 2011 on our last trip there.

The night starts out with family trivia!! If you are wanting to participate then get there super early! We were disappointed because our daughter knew all of the answers except the year the first Disney Store opened! We would have won the BIG prize of a Disney board game!

Then the singing starts! Cowboy Dan was leading everyone during the Sing A Long when out behind him pop Chip and Dale! They stay on stage for a while entertaining the crowd then come out into the audience to mingle and have family photos taken and also sign autographs.This lasts about 40 minutes. After they make their rounds get ready for some Hokey Pokey dancin’ fun! Our fearless leader was Cowboy Donald Duck and boy did he shake his tail feathers!

When the 2 songs were over they announced the movie of the night.They do change the movies and you can call the reservations desk to see what is playing. We left the party before the movie started because we didn’t need to see Rapunzel for the 1000th time and the mosquitoes were out in full force. Our daughter enjoyed talking to other kids about their vacation and it is something off the beaten path to do without spending a lot of money.

You can also see my Food Confession HERE about making S’mores! 

Feel free to contact me for your next fun filled Disney vacation.I include this and many more fun things to your vacation planning that you may not know about to help you make memories to last a lifetime!


Dulcie writes here and has a blog over at Have Mouse Ears and Loves To Travel.She is also a travel agent who enjoys bringing the magic
to others.Feel free to email her at or stop by her Facebook page Pixie Vacations *Dulcie* for your free” quote.And you never know what kind of  *Pixie Dust* may be sprinkled on your next family vacation!

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Dulcie is a travel agent with Pixie Vacations.She has been to WDW since 1976 when she was the ripe old age of 2! Proud wife of a US Navy Submariner and Mommie of a Princess.You will seldom find her with a camera in one hand and Dole Whip in the other at WDW makin' memories!!

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  • Dulcie Erin Hayes

    This was so much fun! I love knowing the “secrets” and finding things that aren’t popular enough to fill up :) I enjoy having “The World” to ourselves when we can.
    It’s nice to get a break from the crowds and this at the time didn’t get TOO crowded and crazy.
    Glad I could share one of my secrets!!

  • Kimberly Searcy

    i can’t believe i never knew about this!! chip and dale will always be my favorites, i’d go just for them! :)

  • Jenny Blake

    Oh my gosh, this sounds so fun!! I knew they did some campfire and hoe down stuff at Fort Wilderness, but this sounds so great. And of course, I love that it’s free! How cool, thanks for sharing. We’ll have to check it out next time we’re in WDW.

  • Carrie George Bondar

    I’ve been pushing to stay at the cabins on our next trip, but am being overruled in favor of Art of Animation. I just think the old-fashioned, slow pace of the camp ground is wonderful and touches like this marshmallow roast just add to the magic. Then again, I am no longer a rush-my-way-around-the-world guest, so quiet Disney moments to me are priceless.