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    I agree that most all of these need to be updated, and I would even add a few others. I think a few MK rides could use a splash of something oter than just new paint. For instance, Peter Pan’s Flight. I know it was refurbed in 2008, but the small city can be hard to see for some little ones. And the plain black wals are terrible. Malestrom over at EPCOT is another one that could use a content update.

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    Claressa Nisley

    I would love to see updates to these, since they sound the same as the last (and only) time I’ve gone so far. I’ve been to Disneyland more (it’s much closer) and there seems to be something new almost every time.

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    Elizabeth Smock

    Unfortunately, these days, even the new things sometimes need updating–the new Under the Sea ride uses animatronics that look like Peter Pan’s Flight to me–very fake. We only go because my DD (4) adores Ariel, and that’s a brand new ride. Real updates should include new technology, like all the updates they’ve done over at Pirates of the Caribbean! Captain Jack’s character is amazingly realistic. Now, my updates list would have to include the entire Wonders of Life pavilion–or any of the other dead buildings Disney has scattered around, especially at Epcot. SO much wasted space!

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    I agree with the speedway at magic, its gotta go and cars land would be a perfect fit. Hollywood & Epcot need a few tweeks.

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    Jennifer Hill Ruhe

    Please do NOT redo Ellen’s Energy Ride it’s my go to ride when I need a NAP! 😉

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    Terri Shileikis

    I agree with the suggestions above. I have never been a fan of Indy Speedway. Long line tough gas smell. Cars update would be great. Long lines for not a really fin ride. Backlot Tour was more attractive when they had the old houses. There has been a lot of improvements overall on Hollywood stunts and more they should be able to improve here. More rides at Hollywood Studios would make it more attractive. Muppets could definitely use a new story line. People will always be there for their first time but those of us who have been numerous times would love some changes 🙂

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    Christian Stuart Lee

    The only one above I agree with is Tomorrowland Speedway. Won’t our real world of tomorrow include something other than gas-powered vehicles? It’s also a very noisy ride and the air seems to boil around it on hot days. What I would add to this list is to completely replace the Stitch ride.

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    Lorie L.

    At first I was skeptical about the authors suggestion that changes should be made to these attractions. However, after reading this article and thinking about past trips, I could not agree more. Since three of the attractions reside at Hollywood Studios, the suggested updates would be a huge boost to this park as a hole….especially while the rumored construction of Cars Land occurs.

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    Patricia Heil

    There is still fire in the cowboy scene. Ask for that car and you will see it.

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    There’s things that used to be better in The Great Movie Ride. There used to be fire in the buildings during the robbery scene and more aliens would pop out. I’ve always wondered if they broke and Disney just decided not to fix them, or what. Other than that, I think this one is still a classic and I wouldn’t change it. The rest could be updated. My kids love the Indy Speedway, but it would be a great idea to put some Cars characters in there.

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