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    Love that Belle and the Beast have their own special place in the Magic Kingdom now and love this list!

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    Melissa Geib-Lightner

    I like the Winnie-the-Pooh, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Chronicles of Narnia movies. I can still see the WTP ride (although the play area was adorable before the New Fantasyland attraction came in). Pirates has quite a large presence now with the original ride, the Pirates League and the Pirate Adventures at the MK and the Legend of Cap’n Jack Sparrow over at HS. I’m bummed that Disney no longer has Narnia. I wish they’d make more movies and bring in an attraction (they had one, but replaced it with LOCJS).

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    Dana Russell Schroeder

    I agree there should be Oliver and Company in the parks, but there is nothing. I’m surprised they have even made Vinylmations of them.

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    Cars life size are at Hollywood studios towards the back behind muppets. My girls love cars. My youngest said they can’t sign my autograph book bc they have tires not hands. They are reving up engines and look awesome. Lightning and Mater only are there good picture opportunity.

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    We’re going this fall and plan to stop at AoA to see the Cars area, but is there anywhere in the parks where my son can see anything Cars related?

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    What about the movie Oliver and Company?

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    A nonny mouse

    B’rer Rabbit – Splash Mountain. They can hide this movie (Song of the South) away but they can never steal my memories of it!

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