Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan Flight

Peter Pan’s Flight  can be found in the Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom.  When you board your “pirate ship”, you’re suddenly flying with Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael on an adventure through Neverland.   You fly above London thru iconic scenes from the movie. Keep a close lookout for Tinkerbell. The cutest part of this ride is the beginning where you go thru Wendy’s room and you fly out of the window and on your journey to Neverland.  This attraction has long wait times, so FastPass is a GREAT idea.

  • There are no height requirements for this ride, and it lasts about 2 minutes and 45 seconds.
  • Peter Pan’s Flight is very gentle, and even the youngest of riders will enjoy it.
  • If you are in a wheelchair or ECV, you will have to transfer as this ride is not wheel chair accessible.
  • Lines form quickly and very early in the day for Peter Pan’s Flight.  Securing a FastPass is a great idea.  You could hop on as a stand by rider, and then visit It’s a Small World before returning to use your FastPass.

Quick Tip: The area between Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s a Small World can be very congested.  Be sure to keep your travel group together.

Overall, we give this ride an “A+”.

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  • Hayley Ford

    My favorite part is looking down on London. Really feels like you are there in person. I like to ride this first, and then fastpass it for later.

  • Danette Crim Stach

    This is a must ride for our family, one of our favorites!

  • Danielle McEwen

    this is my favorite ride! :)!!!

  • gracefulswan211

    This is one of the most romantic rides at Walt Disney World! The scene looking over a nighttime view of London is spectacular!

  • MollysMom

    This is a must-do every visit – my daughter loves it!

  • Allison Byxbe

    This was my favorite ride as a child and a must-do on any magic kingdom trip I make! I especially live the feeling of flying through Never Never Land!

  • Angela Raia

    I have been to the MK several times and have never been on this ride! I need to fix this asap!

  • Lauren

    We love this ride! It is always one of our first stops at the Magic Kingdom.

  • Nathan Williamson

    Peter Pan is the favorite ride of my 6 yr. old is all of Disney World…you don’t expect to be “flying” and the scenery in the ride is really good. The long lines can be bypassed with the fastpass or ride it earlier in the morning

  • Nannette Tyree Boswell

    I love Peter Pan and I love this ride. Last time we were there we missed it and I wan my kids to experience so much!

  • Maria Jean

    this is my favorite ride of all time- pure disney magic :) even if the line is long- dont miss it :)

  • Dawn

    Can’t wait to ride this on our trip in November!!!!