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    Stefanie Bartolomeo

    I see what you’re saying. But I had the oppostie feeling when I took the monorail & boats to hang out at the Polynesian & Wildnerness Lodge resorts & I was staying off property. It felt great b/c I got to enjoy the atmosphere of them and the yummy food they serve at the lounges for a fraction of the price of one night’s stay.

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    Theresa Martin

    You cannot use the pools at other resorts unless they are “sister” properties. So unless you are staying at the deluxe hotels you cannot use the pools there. If I may, I would not rent a car if you are staying at a Disney property. You can use Magical Express to get to the hotel and then Disney will move you around the property.

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    I disagree with the “Deluxe Resort” item on the basis that they can be VERY expensive! Splurge if you can, but the fastest way to ruin Disney for someone is for them to feel its too expensive to go / enjoy!

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    We were going to try resort hopping on our April trip but were wondering if we can use the pools at the other resorts if we are staying at another resort? Also, will they let us in to park, say at the contemporary or Grand Floridian so we can hop on the monorail or should we make a lunch or dinner reservation there? Thanks!

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    Thank you, Kathy! I’m so glad this article was a help to you. I wish you the best with the rest of your planning and I just know you’re going to have a blast on your trip! Tell Mickey I said hi!

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    Kathy Stracener Clemmer

    Thanks for the list. I’m making my first trip to Disney World in May and this really helps me know how to plan! Thanks. I enjoy all your articles.

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