Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Rock N Roller Coaster-Starring Aerosmith is located on  Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  As you tour the famous “G Force” record gallery, you’ll happen upon Aerosmith-who are just wrapping up a recording session.  Unlike any other coaster at Walt Disney World, the Rock N Roller Coaster will leave you coming back for more rocking good times.  Aerosmith’s famous music, the dark yet smooth roller coaster ride, and the VERY fast speed will satisfy any thrill seeker.

  • Including the pre-show this ride is about 5 minutes long.  It comes in 2 parts, first a pre show where you get to catch up with Aerosmith in the recording studio and then a roller-coaster as you ride your stretch limo to the upcoming Aerosmith concert Stephen Tyler invites you to.
  •  You will listen to Aerosmith as your ride vehicle (that stretch limo we mentioned) takes you from 0-60 in under 3 seconds and blasts you through loops, and corkscrews as you head through Los Angeles to make it to the show on time.
  • The wait time on Rock N Rollercoaster can be very long.  Be prepared to wait, or utilize FastPass.  You can also head straight here at park opening to ride standby or secure a FastPass.
  • This ride also utilizes Rider Swap.
  • Rock N Rollercoaster is very loud, dark, and extremely fast.  Only people in good health should ride it.
  • The height requirement is 48 inches, and guests in wheelchairs or ECVs must transfer.

The Rock N Rollercoaster will careen you through almost 1/2 mile of track, while blaring Aerosmith in your “limo”.  A photograph is taken during the ride, and is available for purchase as you exit through Rock Around the Shop.  If you’re in good health, enjoy thrills, and love Aerosmith-this attraction is a must do!
Quick Tip:  After you have boarded the limo and are harnessed in, sit with your head against the head rest.  This will make the take off more gentle!  
Overall, we give Rock N Rollercoaster an “A+”.

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