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    I’ve stayed at CB and CS and love both for different reasons. I think CBR has the internal bus system. CS had little golf carts that randomly came by. I much preferred the kids pool at CB over CS. Great article!

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    We have stayed at them all our favorites are POFQ and CBR. POFQ because it’s a smaller resort and CBR most recently because of the pirate rooms and the new splash area near the pool.

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    Same here our family has only ever stayed at the carribeen beach resort in the pirate rooms which where amazing. The only thing I did not like was the fact that there was internal busses and we were at the last stop so sometimes it was quicker to walk to where we wanted to go and the bus would sometimes be full in the morning when we where wating or we had to stand.

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    Carribean Beach is the only moderate resort I have stayed in.
    I really did like it though.
    The location was nice and loved having the lake in the center.

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