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    Greg Kline

    We have a secret spot to get the little ones to take a nap. Behind the Fountain View Icecream shop back by the restrooms is a large open hallway It is air conditioned and carpeted and there is nothing in it. It is a very good place to get the kids to take a nap because there is nothing to distract them and prevent them from nodding off.

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    Shauna K

    We definitely did a lot of World Showcase walking with our wee 8 month old this past trip!!

    Just a note about Morocco though, the incense wafting out of some of the bazaar shops may be a bit strong for some little ones (I know it’s too intense for my mild asthma!)

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    Theresa Martin

    I like the Universe of Energy for nap time. It may be a little loud but you are sitting for an extended time and it’s dark in there.

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