The Top 5 Nap Spots for Little Ones in Animal Kingdom


Where to Go?

Back to my series on napping in Disney World.  Sometimes those little legs just need a rest, so here are my top 5 Nap Spots in Animal Kingdom.  Animal Kingdom is a great park to find napping nooks, so keep an eye out.  Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

  1. The Tree of Life-In and around the Tree of Life there are tons of benches, many covered by tree canopy. Find a shady spot and cross those fingers.  Usually you will have no problem finding an empty bench, unfortunately you aren’t near any amenities like bathrooms or food.
  2. Rafiki’s Planet Watch-Hopefully taking the Wildlife Express Train will put your little one in the mood to nap.  From then on, find a spot.  Inside the Conservation Station can be a little noisy, but lighting is dim and there is air conditioning.  Older children can explore with another adult in the Affection Station (aka Petting Area).  While bathroom facilities are great, no food options are available except for a snack cart so plan ahead.
  3. Pangani Forest Exploration Trail-You will need to get through the more congested areas, but I find the Gorilla Trail to be a great nap spot.  People are encouraged to speak quietly so as not to scare the Gorillas, so it can be a peaceful place to relax.  Once in there you are cut off from amenities, but there are plenty of exciting sights.
  4. Walkway from Africa to Asia-You should be able to find a quiet corner along this walk.  Look along the river for great benches and a beautiful view.  Check the Flights of Wonder schedule and go in-between shows.  It can be a tad noisy if the crowds are large, but you are centrally located and can walk off the main drag down the smaller paths.  Warning, check the parade schedule as well!
  5. The Boneyard in DinoLand U.S.A.-This one is hit or miss depending on your child’s age.  The Dino Dig area is covered and shaded, if you can get your baby to ignore everything else going on around them.  Any older kids can explore the rest of the Boneyard.  Bathrooms and food opportunities are available right outside, although you are not allowed to bring food into the Boneyard.

Bonus Chip’s Tips-Animal Kingdom is so expansive that walking around with your little one in the stroller may be all it takes to put them to sleep.  Then you can grab yourself a treat and take a rest on the nearest bench. 

Good Luck getting your Little One to sleep.  Animal Kingdom can be done less than a day, so perhaps this is a day to head back to the resort for a good, long nap.  If you have older children that still want to explore and ride Expedition Everest over and over, have one parent stay behind.  Happy Napping!

Keep and eye on for future articles on the best nap spots in Disney World.   Share your ideas for nap spots in Animal Kingdom in the Comments sections, we love to hear from our readers!

MickeyMom is mom to two monkeys, Disney Addict in denial and a HUGE fan of naps for grownups.

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