Top 10 Things To Do at a Disney All-Nighter


On May 24th, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom and California Adventure hosted their second 24 Hour All-Nighter! Last year, Disney decided to leave the park open for 24 hours in honor of Leap Day for “One More Disney Day” and it was so popular that Disney gave it another go, but this time in the form of Disney’s Monstrous Summer! This 24 hour experience was themed around Pixar’s newest film coming to theaters this summer, Monsters University! (Which, by the way, looks like it’s going to be awesome!)

Guests eager to spend 24 hours at the parks were treated to a special welcome ceremony, featuring Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc, as well as Monsters themed special event merchandise, sweet treats and goodies, late night dance parties, special character experiences, and much more!

Now I know that this year’s all-nighter has come and gone, but I’m wishing on a star that Disney will decide to make this an annual event; and if they do, I’ve come up with some things to do that normally I couldn’t during a regular Disney day. So go on and read my Top 10 Things To Do at a Disney All-Nighter!

10. Make Your Own Special Event T-Shirt-Many people at Disneyland and Disney World made their own unique tees to commemorate this special event; and I think this sounds like a lot of fun! To get ready for your all-nighter, make your own tee and get some attention and maybe a few photos during the event.

9. Eat a Special Event Treat-Disney World and food go together like Mickey and Minnie; and for this special event, they pulled out all the stops! At both parks guests were able to enjoy a variety of Monstrous Summer treats that were not only cute, but delicious too!

8. Take a Nap-A few hours at a Disney Park is enough to wear you out, so imagine what a full 24 hours will do! My advice for the next all-nighter is to take a nap somewhere during the day. Where? How about the PeopleMover? Or a comfy bench at the Main Street Train Station? In a dark, air conditioned theater perhaps? Not only will it energize you for more fun, but you can actually say you got your night’s sleep, no matter how short it might be, in the Magic Kingdom and maybe on one of your favorite rides!

7. Be Cinderella at Midnight-When the  clock strikes midnight during the 24 hour all-nighter, run out of Cinderella Castle and down the walkway, just like Cinderella did in the film! If you really want to go for it, leave your shoe as you go! You may get some stares, but you can actually say you know what’s like to be a Disney princess; and who doesn’t want that?

6. Wear Pajamas-Hey, it’s all-nighter, isn’t it? How about wearing some of your favorite pajamas around the park? (But let’s remember modesty and decency here people!) Not only would it be fun, but it would also be great for photos; and if you’re really creative, you could bring a sleep mask, slippers, and maybe your favorite stuffed animal?

5. Dance at a Late Night Dance Party-To keep guests up and going, the Magic Kingdom hosts dance parties late at night featuring popular Disney characters! How cool is this, right? This is definitely something I want to do if there’s another all-nighter!

4. Get Photos with Characters in Pajamas-We have seen Disney characters dressed in their pajamas during these all-nighters and it’s so cute! Be sure to snap a pic with one of your favorites to remember this special event!

3. Watch the Sunrise Over the Park-When would you ever get a chance to see this except at an all-nighter? So take advantage of the moment, find a great spot, and soak in the beauty! But be sure to grab some coffee first!

2. Take a Photo of the Main Street U.S.A. Clock-To chronicle your experience, snap some of photos of the Main Street U.S.A. clock, or the clock on Cinderella Castle, during your 24 hours.

1. Ride Every Ride at Least Once-So this would be quite the challenge, but this event offers the perfect opportunity. It may take some strategy, several breaks, FastPasses, and a sugar buzz, but just think of how great would it be to say that you rode every ride in one day?

So would you do with 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom? Would you be willing to give any of these a try? Do you hope Disney will bring back the all-nighter next year? Share with us!

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