Top 5 Places To Take A Quick Siesta

If the heat has taken its toll or you have eaten a little too much during lunch at San Angel Inn here are a few places to catch a little Siesta (but don’t tell anyone that I told you it was ok) . This is to keep you from turning green on those rides you should avoid after eating a good filling meal!

My favorite spot to catch a quick nap in the summer heat is the American Adventure at Epcot.The combination of the air conditioner and the darkness puts me to sleep like a baby.Just be sure to let your travel party know to bump you if you start to snore.I don’t think that we would want to disturb history during the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

Another soothing place is Finding Nemo the Musical at Animal Kingdom.Not that the show isn’t worth watching but after a long day at Animal Kingdom this is the best way to catch a power nap so you can finish out your day.It’s a little loud with the music but if you are desperate for a nap nothing can stop you from drifting off to dreamland with Nemo and friends.

Spaceship Earth is another Epcot favorite.The soothing sound of the narrator in your ear,the darkness of the “big golf ball” and the cool breezes you catch from the movement through the ride.It is one of the better places to nap because the cars are pretty comfy and there is not a lot of noise or lights.

Muppet Vision  3D isn’t a bad place to catch a few winks.The seats are like movie theatre seats so they are a little more comfy than some the hard benches you could be napping on around the park.Plus it’s dark and cool inside.Your 3D Muppet Vision glasses are the perfect cover up so nobody around you sees what you are up to.Just be sure to wake up before the ending of the show….you wouldn’t want to be scared out of your nap.It might make you cranky for the remainder of the day.

I can’t believe that I’m admitting to this one.It is my favorite show of all times and I try to stay awake for every rotation through the dark cool theater. The Carousel of Progress.There I said it.I have been known to snooze through every great big beautiful tomorrow chorus.I have loved this show since I was a very little girl and there is not a trip that we don’t sit through it multiple times.

But when you are hopping from park to park day after day,eating wonderful food and indulging in Dole Whips it makes it a little hard to stay awake for entire day. It’s easier than heading back to your resort and crawling into fill your belly with some delicious Disney food and head over to one of these attractions to catch a little Disney induced Siesta.

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