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    Gaylin Chev

    I love watching and listening to toddlers at Turtle Talk with Crush. So funny.

  2. 3

    Chelsea Pulver

    Great list! We will be taking a toddler next year on our trip and I will be keeping this list for reference!

  3. 2

    Beth Green

    That’s awesome! I too can’t wait for my, now 4 year old, to be able to experience more of Epcot!!

  4. 1


    I agree. Your list is right on target. Since my son was 2 1/2 his favorite park has been Epcot. We go at least once a year and when at home, he is always asking when we can go to Epcot again. I’m excited now that he is 5 (and tall enough) I can introduce Soarin’ and Test Track to him.

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