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    Just got home from Disney today. At two different restaurants while checking in for our reservations, I heard the hostess turn away three different groups who didn’t have reservations. We booked early and got everything we wanted except for O’Hana…and we could have gotten reservations there at 9:30 p.m. Too late for us!

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    My family has been to WDW so many times we don’t plan every minute of every day any more. As a matter of fact we will go out to the bus stop and maybe take the first bus that comes or the one with the shortest line. We have the best experience and we don’t care if we don’t do everything at a particular park in a single day. We used to eat a quite a few sit down restaurants but we rarely do now because of the ADRS, we loved the walk-ins. We usually book Chef Mickey’s for our last day because that has been a huge tradition for us but that’s it. I don’t like having to plan my day around where I eat. Sometimes we are having so much fun or the lines are short at a park and we don’t want to leave and I wouldn’t want to leave just to go eat. I have had very good luck with making reservations the same day right at the hotel. No we can’t get Cinderella’s castle, didn’t like it the one time we did. No we can’t get the very expensive restaurants, the kids don’t like them. Because so many people are booking ADRs in advance there are lots of cancellations while you are at WDW. We even got into Chef Mickey’s at the last minute. I no longer try walking up, not worth the hassle unless it is the middle of the afternoon.

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    Adding to this, I used the same strategy for our last trip (Dec 29, 2010- Jan 7,2011) and also got everything we wanted within an hour of our desired time, despite the high attendance rate! Definitely call! It also assures less annoyance when the online system is down.

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    For our June 2012 trip, I called at the 180 mark, got Le Cellier for a 12:00 lunch on our first day, and chef mickeys for any time I wanted on our last day (it’s a tradition). In fact I got every lunch we wanted, on the day we wanted at 12:00 or 12:05 for each one. I got our 3 dinners between 5:30 and 6:00 and all three breakfasts at 8:00. I don’t exactly know how I managed such a perfect ADR booking, but I’m pretty pleased! I do find it is better to call than go online. I’ve done both, but when you cal they get them all done quickly, they’re very friendly, and can answer all your questions. This is coming from a gal who would prefer to avoid the phone on any other day and gets irritated when there is not an online option!

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