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    do whatcha gotta do

    We ate at Earl this past trip and it was Amazing! #ymbada

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    PS – I say Kens because that is the brand recipe I found online for the sandwich insisted was what Disney uses… the taste is VERY close. I’ve never tried it with another one.

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    LOVE the lighthouse sandwich!

    Its super easy to recreate at home too, I have it all the time.

    You basically just make coleslaw with Ken’s Honey Mustard instead of traditional coleslaw dressing. I usually use the whole bag of coleslaw in a big container (it will easily keep in the fridge for a few days if you cover it) and just add the dressing a little at a time until its coated but not too sloppy. I don’t bother measuring it. Toast some bread and spread a little hummus on each side (both steps will help stop it from falling apart) and add the ‘slaw’ and some tomato. YUM.

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    Larisa Baldwin

    I am wondering how you got that bread on your tuna sandwich from CHH. When I got it back in 2011, it had this long triangle shaped, thick, dry, multigrain bread. Yours looks so much better.

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