Rafikis Planet Watch

Rafiki’s Planet Watch is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Here you will learn about the care of the animal residents of the park, conservation, ecology, and so much more. A great experience for guests of all ages! You will get a sneak peek into the animal veterinary clinic and see some examples of the very interesting cases that have been dealt with right at Animal Kingdom.

  • The Affection Section is your chance to get up close to some of the Animal Kingdom residents such as goats and sheep. If you are a major fan of the animals, head to Rafiki’s Planet Watch first thing in the morning. This will be when most of the veterinary care is being performed, feed is being prepared and cast members are readily available to educate you.
  • If you are lucky you may find Rafiki and Pocahontas! Other characters that have been spotted here include Tarzan and Meeko.
  •  You will need to hop aboard the Wildlife Express Train for a trip to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.
  • This is a relatively low crowd area most times of day since it takes a train ride to get over here. It’s worth the time and the look.
  • The ride to Rafiki’s Planet Watch is fun, and you an see all sorts of sights on the way.  All the seats face outward, giving you a stellar view!
  • There is no height requirement.

If you are truly wanting to see everything Animal Kingdom has to offer-you’ll want to ensure you take a ride to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.    Keep in mind, that once you exit the train, you have about a 5-7 minute walk to get to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  You’ll want to experience everything Rafiki’s Planet Watch has to offer-especially if you have animal lovers in your family.  If you want a character encounter with Rafiki, this is a great place to find him!

Quick Tip:  If you have your own, collapsible stroller, it’s a good idea to bring it on the train with you.  Otherwise, you need to park it at the train station.  

Overall, we give Rafiki’s Planet Watch a “B”.




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