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    David D

    Very funny story: On my very first & only visit to Disneyland my son and I road the grizzly bear water ride, which is almost exactly like kali river. We were on the ride with 4 very nice grandmothers from Pensylv. that had just spent the month island hoping Hawaii and made a day stop to visit Disneyland. Well all 4 lovely ladies managed to get SOAKED and they all had ponchos on. The funny part is that each time the ride calmed we would tell them the ride was over, they would sigh in relief, only to get soaked even more. My son and I were dry as a bone. After the ride they gave me their travel agents number who then gave me a fantastic Hawaii vacation deal. Thanks to those lovely ladies my family and I spent the entire month of May 2012 on the main 4 Hawaiian islands. Our next trip is 4 nights disney world, then a cruise on the Disney Fantasy this August.

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    Jennifer Stempien Hart

    Great article! I do tell people to plan Kali River for the last thing they do before heading back to their hotel to change! I didn’t know that keeping your feet on the rail helps keep them dry so thanks for that tidbit! I LOVED how you used the word SOAK for your tips. Very clever!

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    Ashley Metz

    Oh Boy! She was drenched!!! I’m glad she didn’t have to sit in that for too long! Thanks for sharing your memories with us and thank you for reading! 😀

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    Jeremy Hardy

    We visited Disney World with my youngest sister several years ago. She, too, must have gotten the short straw, because she got *drenched* on Kali River Rapids. So much so, that when she hung up her jeans in the bathtub back at the resort, I thought she had washed them out. She assured me that she had simply taken them off “as is.” Luckily, we did not get wet until evening extra magic hours, so we didn’t have any dinner reservations to plan for. My wife had packed ponchos for us, for which I was extremely thankful 😉

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