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    T. W.

    Like the article! I think it is important, as you have done here, to state that free dining is not always as they say “free “. Sometimes the price of the room is higher when you are getting the “free” dining. So then the question becomes, are you really getting anything for free.
    My family of three personally likes the ease of the dining plan but we have come to realize that we could also take the money that we pay for the dining package and use the cash to pay for the dining ourselves at the time of the meal. There are many ways to budget and pay for your meals, the trick is figuring out what works for your family at the time.
    I think that as Disney has said, we will be seeing less free dining and other discounts. They have successfully, over the last few years, attracted more visitors and I think that most of those visitors will return again and again, discounts or not. When you see the discounts being rolled out again, you will know that they need more visitors.

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    Oh, OK. Well I will be able to find that out on my own since I have a Disney Visa. Thanks.

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    This is a blog post. Pixie is a sponsor of chipandco. -Jess

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    cj…the gift card is from me, an agent of pixie vacations, not from pixie vacations. You get the card when you book a package. Only send info if you want to know when free dining is released. Hope that helps. -Jess

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    So Is the gift card from Chip and Co or Pixie Vacations? Do you need to actually book a trip or do you get a card just for sending in your information?

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    Is this an advertisement or a blog post? I’m confused. I love Chip and Co. is Pixie a co-owner? Yay for free dining!

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