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New Fantasyland was the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history.  As a regular to Disney World, I was super excited to see this new expansion come to life. This expansion brought many magical additions such as the new Little Mermaid ride, Gaston’s Tavern, Prince Eric’s castle and Ariel’s Grotto. My kids loved these new areas of Fantasyland, but one of the highlights is the new restaurant called Be our Guest.

Tucked insides the Beast’s castle, you can find this French-inspired restaurant. Be Our Guest is a quick service restaurant during lunch and becomes a table service restaurant for dinner.  If you love the Beauty & the Beast movies, this is the ultimate restaurant for you. Are you ready for a tour of Be Our Guest?

As you approach the castle, you walk over a bridge where you can see a stream and forest beneath you.  You then enter the castle through double doors and proceed through a hallway of knights where you can find menus displayed on screens for lunch. This hallway leads into the study where, during lunch, you are given a rose by a host or hostess which then records the order you place at a touch-screen terminal. You can then enter the ballroom which is straight from the Beauty and the Beast movie. The room is adorned with beautiful chandeliers and you can even see the snowy evening through the windows in the back of the ballroom. To the left is the West Wing of the castle which is dimly lit and displays the rose in the corner of the room. If you have younger kids, be sure you skip this section.  It is a little scary for kids!  To the right of the ballroom is the Rose Gallery which features a beautiful dancing display of Belle and the Beast dancing in the center of the room. You place your rose on the table and magically, a server brings you your food. The drinks are self-service, but as a result, offer free refills!

The most important thing to know, though, is how the food tastes. Even if you don’t think you’re a fan of French cuisine, the food is fabulous! In my opinion, this is one of the best options for a quick service meal at the parks- quality food in a magical atmosphere for a reasonable price.

For lunch, your options are a tuna or quinoa salad, croque monsieur, a turkey or steak sandwich, vegetable quiche, or braised pork. You can choose from salmon, steak, pork, shrimp, chicken, and vegetarian pasta for dinner. Don’t miss out on the best part of the meal, either! For dessert, they serve three different cream puffs and three different cupcakes. If you’re a chocolate-lover, the chocolate cream puff is wonderful. However, the strawberry cream cheese cupcake is an equally delicious choice (and my personal favorite!).

Be Our Guest is super popular, so arrive early for lunch.  For dinner, be sure to book an Advanced Dining Reservation.  For restaurants at Disney World, Be Our Guest is quickly becoming the most popular restaurant to book and dine during a vacation.  Be sure you experience it during your vacation!

Have you experienced Be Our Guest yet? Do you prefer lunch or dinner?  Be sure to let me know in the comments what you’ve thought about this addition to New Fantasyland!

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  • Robin

    I’m so excited to try this restaurant next month!! I’m leaning towards the salmon for dinner, but mostly I’m excited to just gawk at the interior!

  • Siera

    I completely agree. It’s such quality food at reasonable prices! What did you try for lunch?

  • JoyMouse

    We haven’t tried dinner there yet, but really enjoyed the lunch. It sure seems a “step up” from the other quick service options!!