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  • BeccaRachKeithsMom

    i got the offer concerning the credit card and getting a 200 gift card after the first use. I applied and was given the visa- no one asked me about the code. When I inquired about when I would be receiving the 200 gift card they said that since I ddi not haev the code I will not be able to get this gift card– no if- ands or buts. They said if I find teh code they will honor it– any advice?

  • Chelsea ;)

    So sorry l misses that last sentence!! Lol I just didn’t want people not to know about that great perk!! :)

  • Mickey Mom

    Good to know! Thanks for sharing.

  • Mickey Mom

    I try to forget that part. I just picture Mickey when paying the bill.

  • Mickey Mom

    Sounds guilt free! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mickey Mom

    We didn’t go that route because I only got the card two months before our trip. So while I didn’t go into detail, I did note they offer 0% Vacation Financing.

  • Melinda Fischer Byrne

    we love ours! Also when we paid our Disney cruise with it we got free onboard credit!

  • MickeyMom

    I try to forget about that part too…in my mind Mickey handles everything;)

  • MickeyMom

    I plan to use mine a lot more before we travel again, we didn’t have much on our rewards card, but we treated ourselves to a couple things with it!

  • MickeyMom

    Yes I could have. I personally didn’t do that since I only got my card two months prior to my trip, so didn’t bother. So although I mention 0% Vacation Financing, I did not elaborate since we didn’t take advantage of it. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Chelsea ;)

    Also you failed to mention if you book your trip through Disney and charge it to your Disney Visa you have 6 months interest free to pay off your package you charged to your card. So you could have taken 6 months to pay it and not occurred any interest charges on that amount.

  • kim H

    I’ve been using this for 5 years and love it! My accumulated rewards go towards tips at sit down restaurants, extra spending and anything else. So basically, I save for the trip and then once it’s paid for, I use the Visa Rewards for anything needed while on my trip.

    I pay my bill every Friday so I never have a balance :) And, since I use it for everything, balancing the checkbook is easy!

  • Sara V

    If it wasn’t through Chase, I would sign up for one. I had a HORRIBLE experience with Chase and will no longer use anything associated with them. I know it’s a good reward card, (my mom has one) but there is no way I will ever deal with Chase again.

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