Disney World Quick Tip – Getting the best seat in the house

Many popular Disney World attractions are shows, such as Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Beauty & the Beast – Live on Stage, The American Adventure, and more! However, what most guests are thinking about when the theater doors open is how to get the best seat, especially when you have kids!

While many theaters at Walt Disney World have seating that offers great views no matter where you’re at, the best views for many shows are in the center, near the front.  From this location, you have a direct view of the action and close proximity to the characters, especially when it’s a live show. However, when you enter the theater, Cast Members require guests to move all the way across the aisle. Therefore, if you’re the first one in, you will probably get one of the worst seats!

So if you want a great seat at a show at Disney World, don’t push to be the first through the theater doors. If you do, you will be required to go all the way across the aisle and end up with a distant aisle seat. Instead, hang back a little and let the crowds flow in until they have filled up half of the theater, then make your way to an empty seat which should be at the center of the theater! However, be warned that the seats towards the front tend to fill up fast!

So when you’re hunting for a great seat at a Disney World show,  don’t rush! Let other guests take the other seats and then get the ones you want. It’s much less stressful and you and the kids will have a great view!

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  • lexi

    May I just say I always hold back but there is almost always that one guest who won’t go all the way down. I know once there was a foreign couple who sat right in the middle and everyone behind them had to squeeze past them since the cast members couldn’t get them to move because they didn’t speak english.