Rumors of Food Trucks, Jobs and More coming to Disney Springs


Happy Day to all my friends near and far…look there in the sky, is it a bird, a plane…no it is Anonymouse!  Flying around again just looking for love or gossip.  I have not found my true love yet but I have found lots of crazy gossip from what may be my one true love…Disney.

Several items today so let’s start with…Disney Food Trucks. I have it on good authority that Disney is branching out into Food trucks. Well, maybe not GOOD authority…but Chimp Chip wants it to be so, and so it will be. Plus,’s Ken Story reports that along with sporting a “Food Truck Row” logo on what appears to be a new list of vendors, one of Orlando’s main food truck builders has a “mystery client” who rush ordered 10 “highly themed” food trucks.

More info after the Jump…

If you have visited Downtown Disney at any time since last Summer, you may be jumping up and down saying, “Hey, Ms. Mouse this is not the first time food trucks have been at Disney…this is not gossip it is old news.”

Well, let me tell you yes, there has been a “Clawdaddy’s Lobster Rover” food truck on site since last Summer. But these trucks are Disney made and Disney owned and Disney…and there are 10 of them…think of the options…maybe they will take the best of the best foods and just pipe them out from the food trucks…oh a mouse can dream.

Next, is more Downtown Disney news…or should I say Disney Springs, that is right, who told you first about Disney Springs, that would be me. So, next up on Disney Springs is it is rumored to be bringing in tons of NEW jobs for the local Orlando folks.

They are saying up to 4000 more jobs on going to be created with their new revamped plans. Construction is slated to begin next month and that will bring an additional 1200 construction jobs to the area. Who are they? Well…people who know.

Okay now totaling changing directions (I told you there was a lot of gossip today!) is all about Monster’s Inc.’s plans. On April 25-26, 2013, Disney is planning to hold a press event where Disney promises a “Monstrous Summer” ahead, with details about future projects and “new-for-summer attractions” revealed at this by-invitation-only event.

We can only speculate about what the event will have in store, but you and I both know that if I knew…I would tell you. Because I keep nothing from my billions of fans worldwide!

So, everyone stay tuned for more information and if you have any suggestions on food items for the food trucks…let me know in the comments below because I will be compiling a list from myself to send to Disney to help them along.

Anywho that is all the Disney Gossip I have right now. For my past Gossip articles be sure to check them out here.

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Anonymouse searches the internet, annoys cast members, and wouldn’t think twice about using a Ouija board to find you the freshest Disney Gossip.
Some of what she’ll report is confirmed, some is based on information from the rumor mill, and some, frankly, she just read on the bathroom wall in Fantasyland.

So take it with a grain of salt and have fun!

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  • Leila Smith

    Pork Shanks, Baby!

  • Desiree Walto Falls

    Ahhh…. they should sell the pretzel rolls and cheddar cheese soup from Le Cellier!!! Yummmm!!! :)