Disney Confidential – What About Downtown Disney?



Hey Gang! I want to ask you a Disney Question…What is going to happen to Downtown Disney? First, they got rid of Pleasure Island and the Adventurers Club, then they talked about something called Hyperion Wharf, but then put Hyperion Wharf on hold. So this leads me to now ask…has anyone heard anything about Downtown Disney?

I HAVE, I HAVE shouts Anonymouse! Coming to you from Anonymouse headquarters…this just in! There is some cover information coming from WDW News Today about some leaked concept art and details about Downtown Disney becoming “Disney Springs”.

This information talks about three different districts including West Side, The Village Marketplace, and The Town Center. Each area will have a backstory that describes the theming of the area and how it has evolved.

These images created by Disney and leaked to WDW News Today has caused quite the stir, not about the information…though that was significant but a twitter feud has erupted dealing with watermarks. Chimp Chip was able to stay out of this drama, only because he hasn’t figured out how to use it yet. Just kidding he is ok at Twitter. You can stalk follow him here.

Anonymouse too is staying out of the fray but is excited to see the beautiful Disney Springs become a reality! (or something…come on Disney you know Anonymouse needs to know all the news on Downtown Disney!)

Anywho that is all the Disney Gossip I have right now. For my past Gossip articles be sure to check them out here.

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