Are You A Member Of The Motion Sickness Club?

See the above picture! That is my personal nemesis – Mission Space!!! I have a huge problem with motion sickness on almost every single attraction that involves any sort of physical disorientation. How many of these attractions do I avoid? NONE of them. There are lots of things you can do to help but the solutions are not the same for everyone. I can tell you what I have tried and what works the best for me but before you try any of them check with your Doctor even though the “remedies” are mostly Over The Counter (OTC).

My motion sickness is so bad I immediately went for the 800 pound gorilla remedy, the Scopolamine behind the ear patch. My Doctor prescribed the smallest dose available and told me to try it before I went to WDW to make sure I didn’t have any side effects – so much for the 800 pound gorilla. That stuff made me slur words and trip over my own feet!! That’s not the way to spend a vacation!!!

Next came research and lots of reading on the internet. After trying some of the available remedies (but not before discussing them with my Doctor) I settled on the following. Two ginger tablets (available OTC at any drug or health food store) twice a day and the recommended dose of Bonine (also OTC) in the morning took excellent care of the motion sickness throughout the day. Some “experts” will tell you that ginger does not work as a preventative but I know what worked in my case. I also carried extra Bonine and ginger in case it was needed but it never was. That same word of caution – run it by your Doctor before you try any of the recommended motion sickness remedies that you get from any source.

Motion sickness can really interfere with your vacation and keep you from experiencing some of Walt Disney World’s best attractions. There is something much worse than that though – harming your health by taking any “cure” without checking with your Doctor. I hope the important theme about motion sickness is overly obvious – there is relief but don’t try it on your own. Only your Doctor can tell you how these OTC remedies may react in your case. As always, enjoy your motion sickness free visit to Walt Disney World!!

Here is a list of rides I would avoid at Disney World that might make you sick.

Are there any I missed? Let us know in the comment box below.


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    The only time I have a problem with it at WDW is at Mission: Space. I rode it before they had the 2nd, more mild, option.. and that was enough for a lifetime. Glad I didn’t try to become and astronaut.. Good to know something works!