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    Michele Clauser

    Going to WDW in May of 2016 and am torn between POP and AoA, but don’t want the long walk from Little Mermaid. Was wondering what are the best rooms to look for at POP. We really enjoyed the preferred room we had last year at All Star Movies but am wondering if a Preferred room or Preferred Pool view are better at POP? Looking for advice on room choices definitely close to the buses and food court and short distance to a pool would be great too but mailny don’t want a long back to our rooms after a long day at the parks.

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    I’ve stayed on property twice – Pop Century in 2009 and All-Star Music this past December 2012.

    I much prefer PC for both the look and feel and the transportation. Because the crowd levels were lower in Dec. the week we were there, it seemed like they randomly would combine buses to all three of the All Star resorts, which made them very crowded – sometimes so crowded we had to wait for more than one bus. Sometimes they’d stop at other AS resorts, sometimes they wouldn’t, and sometimes the bus drivers would get confused and take us to the WRONG All-Star resort (this actually happened TWICE during our trip)

    The parks were not crowded at all, but we waited longer to get on a bus than we did to ride most rides!

    When I stayed at PC, it was during a much busier time of the year but we rarely had to wait for more than one bus to come by and the busses were less packed.

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    My son loved the splash pad area close the HIppy Dippy pool that had the water fountains that shot up the water. I loved running through them around and around. Every night we would get back from a park and he begged to the pool. He was 4 and I honestly think he loved the pool more than the rides. We took him back when he was 7 and he loved it all.

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