Top Five Reasons I’m a Disney World Nerd.

Are you like me? Do you sometimes find yourself hiding the fact that you’re a Disney nerd? Do you have to remind yourself that wearing more than one article of Disney clothing at a time is a bad idea?  Are you tired of having to defend Disney World‘s extreme awesomeness?  Well, let me help you out there. Here are my top five reasons for being a Disney World nerd. Feel free to borrow them and adapt them to your own brand of Disney nerdyness.

1.   The cast members. I like visiting Universal Orlando, in fact, I might even admit that in some areas of Islands of Adventure, they have superior theming (ouch), but you know what I don’t get there?  I don’t get Disney cast members, that special kind of person who could make more money working elsewhere  (we all know that, right?) but works at Disney because they love it.  Yes, you’ll occasionally deal with a cast member who’s having a bad day, but that’s not the norm. Disney cast members are really good at their jobs and even when you don’t exactly notice it, they’re making your trip better.

2.   The food. Even Disney quick-service is better than most fast food. I recently had an expensive lunch  at my local zoo and it was so bad my kid said  “This is terrible. I’d rather be at Pecos Bills!”  Me too, son.  In fact most theme parks, zoos, and the like have pretty appalling food.  And that’s not even considering Disney’s table-service restaurants. A lot of thought goes into these menus, which have to please a wide range of people, everything from picky foodies to little kids who only like macaroni and cheese made a certain way. The amazing thing is they’re not just doing this for one restaurant but for dozens, several times a day. And the food is consistently good.

3. It’s the memories.  It’s kind of corny, but when I walk down Main Street USA, it feels kind of like home.  For years, no matter how many places I’ve lived (and I’ve moved a lot), coming back to Disney World has always felt like that.  Stop laughing!  It’s the theming, the people who work there, and the memories I’ve made with people I care about (yes, I do have friends, thank you).  I could go to Six Flags a dozen time and never have that same connection with the place.

4.  The Resorts.  I’ll be completely blunt:  Disney has ruined me for regular hotels forever. No matter how nice,  it’s just a hotel without that Disney story and theming.  And yes, I know I can get a really luxurious room at the Waldorf, but can I get hidden Mickey‘s in the carpet and will housekeeping smile indulgently and look the other way when I take another shower gell from the cart?  No, I didn’t think so.

5.  The parks!   There’s something for everyone in a Disney park.   They’re clean, they’re entertaining, and when you add it all up, it’s a great value for your vacation dollar.

So go ahead, admit you’re a Disney nerd. You never know, maybe you’ll meet a fellow nerd while you’re at it.

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  • Gina Winnette

    Disney nerd here, and yes, Disney has ruined other hotels for me as well

  • Lynn Green Brooks

    I am a total Disney Nerd and proud of it. Disney just gives you a magical feeling as soon as you are on Disney property. Disney makes adults become kids again and not ashamed to show it. Where else can you wear those fun, crazy hats and not get laughed at?

  • Targaryen Fanboy

    This is a really great list! I love how magical Walt Disney World is.