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    Christina C

    Ahhh I would love to have known about this sooner! I would have been all over it!!! Now Im going to make sure I to try and land a reservation

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    Richard A Whiteoak

    My wife and I did the dessert party on our trip last October. We absolutely loved it. We read all the reviews before we went and knew what to expect. Great time and great show. We will add this to every future trip.

  3. 6

    Cecelia Koman

    I would love to do this, its just a matter of convincing the rest of the family 😉

  4. 5

    Deb Curl

    I love this event and am disappointed that so far I haven’t been able to book it for my trip in early Oct. I keep trying, but it looks like I’m out of luck this time. I’ve done it at least four times and have always had a great view (even seated…lucky, I guess?) Also…I’ve never seen them pack up prior to the end of the fireworks, but maybe I was too full by then and just didn’t notice.

  5. 4

    Myria Johnson

    I have had a Disney dessert buffet before and enjoyed it immensely. If you have a problem with crowds but would still like to enjoy the fireworks this is a nice option.

  6. 3

    Jason Knox

    I would have to disagree with you on this one. We did this on out last trip.

    The desserts were ok. Definitely nothing to write home about. There were some desserts that had very little flavor (I know this is a common issue all over the resort).

    The view is good until you sit down to eat. Then you can forget your view. And if you want to see, you have to fight, push and squeeze your way to the railing because EVERYONE goes to the railing.

    I was really shocked when the Fireworks were not over and they were taking the desserts out already. I mean if you are going to put out desserts and the remove them before the show is over, let us know. Why not leave them out and let people snack on them until they are gone. Let us mingle, take pictures of the castle as people leave. Don’t make us feel as you are closing up so we must leave now.

    We were there as a final hurrah to our trip. We wanted to sit and relax eating treats while waiting for the crowds to die down a little. Not in a hurry to go get in line to squeeze on a bus.

    The fireworks view is not to bad. But there are a lot of places to go that are not that bad. If you don’t mind not having a front on view then there are many other places to go to view them.

    I was quite disappointed in this party. Left me with much to be desired.

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    This is a must do for us each year. People should be aware that reservations are little tricky…they don’t open 180 days out like other restaurants/events. There is no rhyme or reason to when reservations open but they are usually about 2 months ahead of time and then a whole month opens up at once. It takes a little persistence to get a reservation, but it’s soooo worth it!

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    Corey Applegate

    We did this on our last trip, and it is now a must for every trip. The desserts are awesome, and the view of the fireworks is pretty awesome. Tinkerbelle flies right over your head, there aren’t any Parade Pushers to get in your way to watch the parade or the fireworks, and there is a Photopass photographer there to make sure you can get a picture in front of the castle at night without crowds of people in the background of your photo.

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