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    unfortunately were a party of 8 and had no say in what we wanted to tip. felt some servers didn’t necessarily deserve what was automatically to the bill, especially at the character meals/ buffets.

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    Depending on where you live, you may be paying their salary. Some areas pay waitstaff very, very little (below minimum wage). Their tips are their salary.

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    This is a great and helpful. This is a common question on a board I frequent.

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    I would NEVER go there!!!!
    What a ripoff!!!

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    Sabrina Mockewich

    If you want to change an automatic tip (especially for rude behavior) you really need to speak to the manager on duty first and give reason why. That way THEY will settle your bill and the server can’t change it back.

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    Beth Green

    Steven, these are just suggestions. I was not saying anyone had to follow these suggestions. Sorry if this post pissed you off, that was not my intent.

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    Jeanne Gormley

    I have to remember this October to leave a tip everyday for our housekeeper instead of at the end of our stay. Never realized it would not be the same person on our last day at WDW. Also we usually tip 15% if we go to a restaurant not on the Quick Service Plan list. Love getting the Quick Service Plan, its a no-brainer for eating and you don’t have to worry about tipping at all. If you are lucky, like we are most of the time, WDW runs a special and offers the Quick Service Plan for free with your stay. Love it and recommend it highly.

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    I hope you disputed the charge. That server should have been fired for changing the gratuity!

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    When was the last time a cast member provided a GUEST with a gratuity? I mean, without the guest, the CM would not have a job!? What’s the difference? Why should I pay them?

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    Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding! My local Chinese buffet asks for 20% gratuity … for taking a drink order …. and usually gets it wrong!

    Seriously, you want me to pay a concierge for providing tickets? Uhhh … that’s part of their job! I could go on about many of your posts … but it’d likely piss me off. Some people are too foolish!

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    Tom Kendro

    I’m not giving a $35 tip for drink service at a buffet, 10% is more than enough. 5 x $40 x 4-6 tables equals $80-$120 an hour, sign me up!

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    Making memories Michelle

    It is a mandatory 18% for parties 6 or more on the dinin plan as well.

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    Angela Harris Wilson

    10% for restaurants is too low anywhere!

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    Tom Kendro

    At Buffets about 10%. Their dirty looks at you, no extra charge!

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    Andrea Sitler

    I tip for service over an above the norm not for someone doing their job. If I needed a house keeper to come early or late and they did; I tip but not for doing their job of cleaning my room. They are paid to provide that service. I can see a $1/bag for anyone handling my bags. Waiter/waitress – if buffet, 5-10%. All you did was fill my drink and if you can’t do that and keep the plates off the table; you won’t get a tip. Full service – depends on you. 5-35% based on how you treat my family and me. It is a tip; not your salary. Not my job to pay your salary. I will tip you for the extras you provide me.

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    Julie Reid

    I feel like such a cheapskate!! I never thought to tip my housekeeping staff (I feel so bad!) will be making a point to do so on my next trip. I guess you learn something new every day huh? I DID leave them a thank you note, but that isn’t the same!

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    only had one poor experience,

    My family had an ADR for Crystal Palace, we had a very rude server, ONLY rude disney staffer we EVER met. bILL was presented with 18% added on. I changed it to 10 and the server changed it back to 18. We have NEVER returned to Crystal Palace after that. Normally we add 16% tip.
    It put a sour note on the next few days ot the vacation. .

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