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    I think they should get more than just new Disney World/Land shots. It would not hurt to update the complete thing.

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    New footage would be welcome!, especially footage that feels relevant to where we are when we’re at Disney World!

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    This would be a very Welcome update. Soarin is an amazing ride but has truly shown its age in the last 5 yrs. Yeah Disney.

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    Cheryl Brown Vahling

    I would like to see footage of the U.S. from Kingdom to Kingdom as the update for this attraction

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    Danielle Murgia

    I’m excited for new footage! I love this ride and would like to see it updated to reflect WDW.

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    I think it needs to show Disney World some since we are not in California-my kids always ask why is it Disneyland and not the world-glad that they are adding some but hope it doesn’t close while we are there the first week of June to add to it.

  7. 1


    I’m very nostalgic and would hate to see the overall scenes/content changed TOO much, but that being said, the current actual film is in bad need of a refurb. I last saw it a couple of years ago and there was lots of “noise” and “debris”. Be nice if they could clean that up!

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