It’s a Small World Celebrates 50 Years next month with sing-a-long contest!

Vintage It's a Small World

I am sure you either heard of or have been on the iconic “It’s a Small World” ride. Once you have been on that ride that song will never leave your head, even more so if you have every been stuck on that ride for any length of time.

So you love the ride but you may not know the history of the ride. So take a little stroll down memory lane with me. It made it’s first appearance in 1964 at the World’s Fair. “It’s a Small World” is located in the Fantasyland section of every park. Have you ever wondered how many dolls are on that ride? There is over 300 adorable dolls. The incredible Mary Blair was behind the design of the ride. The characters were designed by Marc Davis, his wife Alice Davis designed the costumes for the dolls.

Can you believe that ride has been around for 50 years? That is longer than I have been around. To celebrate the anniversary Disney is hosting a contest. They created a site just for this event,, it’s so cute! Head on over to the site and upload a video of yourself singing It’s a Small World”. Disney will donate $1 for every video uploaded for a total of $150,000 to UNICEF. In case that is not your thing, you can also make an adorable “It’s a Small World” doll to share with your friends. They will donate $1 for every virtual doll created as well, for a total of $100,00.

In case you are wondering the official anniversary date is April 10.

Don’t forget go over to and upload your video or make a virtual doll. Have some virtual fun and donate to a worthy charity.

Wishing you Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust



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I am the Disney World News Writer for Chip and Company. I am an annual passholder and visit Disney World as often as I can. I turned my daughter into a Disney Addict as well. One day we hope to live in the castle!

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  • Faith Hakes

    Love the park attire… Crocs in those pictures LOL. Thanks for sharing!