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Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

Illuminations:  Reflections of Earth takes place around the World Showcase Lagoon  at EPCOT’s World Showcase. This fantastic night show incoporates fireworks, lasers, and water to bring you a spectacular show you won’t soon forget.  The theme of the show is the Past, Present, and Future of our World.  You’ll be mesmerized by the fire, water, and other special effects of this show.

  • Viewing spots can be found all around World Showcase.  Just pick your favorite country and stake out your spot!  We suggest getting a spot around 45 minutes to an hour beforehand.  
  • Take along some glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces, or Disney toys to add to the fun for the kids.
  • Be aware that there are lots of flashing, strobe light type effects in this show that may be scary or uncomfortable for some in your travel party.
  • The show lasts around 15 minutes.

This is a night show at Disney that is not to miss.  Everyone in your travel party will enjoy seeing the story of our Earth as it unfolds Disney-style.  Check your times guide when you enter EPCOT to make sure you don’t miss Illuminations:  Reflections of Earth!

Overall, we give this Disney night spectacular an “A”!



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