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    “Ohana is our favorite…both friends and family love it. I’ve had good and bad experiences, but the good far outweigh the bad. It’s a fun atmosphere and probably the best value on property. My father is always concerned about Lipoa, the musician lady who sings each night. He worries that she doesn’t ever get a day off! Haha! She’s amazing and so wonderful with the kids. We’re going for my birthday next month.

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    You could be right but for around $100 for two people I think we will pass. Glad you have had good experiences. If you haven’t tried Boma, you may want to try it. We LOVE it. It’s great, especially the zebra dome desserts. This doesn’t deal with dining, but last week we took the Steam Train tour at Magic Kingdom and the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage from the Contemporary. Both were great (we are in our 60s and had a great time — we are now officially Pirates!).

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    It sounds like you got a “not so good waitress” and maybe got caught on a round of skewers that were over cooked. We go to ‘Ohana’s every time we go to Disney – LOVE it. But I will say we have had some “not so good waiters” and sometimes the rounds on the skewers can be more cooked than other times. Fortunately this did not happen to us on our first trip like it did to you so we were able to experience ‘Ohana several times prior at its best. It rarely does happen so I would really encourage you to give it another try. It really is a great place. The high expectations you had were probably right on.

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    Paul Saint

    I’m still wanting to try this place. I’ve had too many friends and Fellow Disney-philes tell me it is a wonderful place to experience. Hopefully, one day soon….

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    We went to ‘Ohana in October 2013 when we were finally able to get reservations. We had high expectations but unfortunately it turned out to be the worst dining experience we have had in the 30+ years we have been visiting WDW. The waitress (who had been there for several years) was unenthused. She brought the potstickers and they looked like they had been sitting around for quite a while (how could she not see that) and were cool. We finally got her attention and she brought us some fresh ones. The sides were OK but the meats we were served were mostly charred (aka burned) and did not appeal to us at all. The shrimp was OK. This is an “all you can eat” establishment, but having tried everything once, there was no way we wanted seconds. To each their own. If you want a really great buffet, try Boma

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    Hannah Elizabeth Bailey

    I went to ‘Ohana with my family on our last trip in 2012 for dinner. It was absolutely amazing!!! My brother and I are picky eaters, but we seriously loved everything they brought out! My personal favorites were the steak and the pork dumplings! We will definitely be going back on our next trip if at all possible!

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