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    My 5 year old grand daughter is begging to go to this event. The closest one is 6 – 7 hours away, we live in South Florida, its in Atlanta, GA. Why not West Palm Beach or Miami? If you’re going to do somethinglike this, cover more cities to reach more of your fans.

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    Arlene Marshall

    My 8 yr old and I were super excited to attend this event at times sq nyc. It was advertised from 10am till4pm . We got there at 1pm, and were on line. We waited in the hot sun till 245 , then some one came to all the people who were in line and told us they we shutting down for the day. We left very dissatisfied with the way things were handled. We saw many sweet children crying that day. The people who were turned away were give little book of booboos. If you go …try to be there super early …good luck !

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    Yvette Ferreira Kalogerakis

    HUGE waste of time!! No Doc Mcstuffins in Boston. 2 hours in line and we got there 15 minutes after they opened. He had iPads to play a game my kids already own… Doc toys to check Your doll, which my kids already have, in a little trailor for 2 minutes… And coloring pages to take home… Really?!

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    Angie Braswell Newell

    I think it is VERY UNFAIR that you are only going to certain cities. Charlotte NC is a major player and very disappointed that it is not one of your stops. Why would you tease little ones that way and not visit more cities. My Granddaughter saw it on TV the other day and it was hard to explain to her that you are not coming close to Charlotte NC. She is 3 and IDOLIZES Doc McStuffins. I think you should re-think your stops and add more.

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    A very cute idea very poorly executed… Disappointing, so I hope your family lives in one of the four cities where Doc will actually show up. Disney is pretty circumspect about the select cities. Fortunately there are Mommy Blogger listing the four cities.

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    DO NOT GO unless Doc is going to be in your city (NY, DC, San Antonio and Los Angeles). HUGE waste of time yesterday in Boston and my family and I are BIG DOC FANS. 2+ hours on line and we arrived at 10:40… People had to pay to get into the zoo and got treated to multiple hour lines and a pretty silly set up of activities that your kids probably do every day if they are doc fans. We didn’t have to pay because we are zoo members, so I cannot believe how frustrated/mad paying parents must have been.

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    andrea mackafee

    this is such a cute idea.

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