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    For families with young children… If the weather is nice bring a bathing suit or change of clothes for the kids! DTD has the BEST fountain on property for kids to play in – right outside of World of Disney. It has always been one of my children’s absolute favorite things to do of the whole trip. Dad and I take turns shopping (OK, mostly Dad relaxes and watches the kids while I shop 😉 ), and the kids have an absolute blast.

    If you forget a change of clothes, just let them wear one of the new t-shirts you just bought on the ride back to the hotel. One of my favorite memories is my daughter running around in the fountain in her Cinderella costume on our 2nd visit. I forgot the change of clothes. So, what the heck. No worse than running it through the laundry, right? She looked absolutely adorable laughing and chasing the water sprays, dripping wet in her Cinderella dress. She was quite the spectacle, and I think seeing her gave many guests that little bit of extra Disney Magic for the day. 🙂

    We now plan a whole DTD day mid-trip. We sleep in a bit late, then go hang out and relax. Send all the packages back to the hotel (a good reason not to go on your last day!), and just enjoy the experience. We’re usually ready to go after dinner (Raglan Road’s Bread Pudding is to die for!), it’s a good evening to get the laundry done or go to Fantasmic/Spectro/fireworks at one of the parks.

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