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    I know a lot of think people about the french bakery in the french pavilion for their baked goods, but for a fairly filling snack, we found the cheese plate. My guess is that it had over a half pound of cheese on it for I think it was $6. My wife and I shared it and we walked away satisfied. My only complaint is that we needed more bread (didn’t try to ask for more, but will next time).

    On a completely side note I have to say there is one thing I hate about your site. We just got back from Disney World, it’s something we only do every few years, and nearly ever article I read I have a moment of “I wish I knew that 2 months ago”. So thanks for making me a little sad every day;) Can’t wait to get back and use some of the tips and suggestions.

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    Please let us know about the Grapefruit Cake! I love it but don’t think we will be going to the Brown Derby during our May trip.

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    Thank you! The trek out to POFQ is a pain. I love that I can get them at the parks now!

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    Deb Ragno

    Disney Food Blog posted on Jan. 14 that beignets are available at Tomorrowland Terrance and you get five in an order instead of three like you do at POFQ.

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