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    Oops forgot my tip. I leave on on the detergents in the suitcase all the time to keep the suitcase smelling fresh!

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    This worked for us too and the nice thing is the laundry is located enar the pool so you can get some down time and relax while doing your laundry.

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    Ed Held

    Keeping clean and neat at the Disney Parks is a breeze with your laundry tips. Loved the Purex tip!

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    I love that DVC members get free laundry services. Not only did I do laundry mid-trip last year, but I also did a load before going home (so I wasn’t bogged down with a bunch of laundry when we returned home from our vacation). Also we spent our last day (before our late afternoon flight) at BLT in the pool and I just dried our suits and stuck it in our carry on since we’d already checked our luggage w/ Disney’s Magical Express! So much better than either not being able to swim in our last day at the resort, or having to pack gross suits into ziplock bags!

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    I usually do a load or two during our stay…I have learned less in the dryer is better!! lol

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    I have gotten my Disney packing down to a science. And yes, I do a load of laundry half way through the trip. I have met some great people to chat with in those laundry rooms! Swimming and doing laundry is the best, too bad I can’t do that at home.

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    I always do laundry when we’re in Disney World. Last time I used the Purex 3 in 1 and they were great – We swim, do the wash, do the dryer – all set – it works for us – my family of 4 is all adults so it’s good to have the extra comfortable clothes ready when we need them!

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    I did this on my first trip and it worked wonderfully….I love the Purex

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