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    I’ve never had Starring Rolls. Chip & Co. convinced me of the necessity, and it was all I could think about at DHS. Until my husband headed over to get us come goodies and then texted that they were closed. No parkhopper meant no cupcakes for the rest of our trip, either. Sad times.

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    Eve's Gmother

    It’s 2 in the afternoon and the 5 year old is having a major melt down. The parent tells said child “if you don’t stop right now we’re going back to the hotel”. The parent doesn’t mean it and the child knows it. As I grit my teeth and walk away I say to my companions “please do, that’s what the child is asking you to do”.

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    Ugh! It makes me mad just reading about that–but you set a good example for your daughter. The cast members should have intervened!

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    Alicia McCallister

    I agree with so many of these little pet peeves! EO needs to go away- they should be updating things, not backdating things (especially by nearly two decades!). And I definitely agree with the frustration of refurbishments! When we were there in June, not only were all the walls up all over Fantasyland (all for a good cause, I know!), Buzz Lightyear was closed, of course Test Track was closed, and the weirdest part was that there were no dolphins or manatees in The Seas with Nemo and Friends!! Hopefully in October they’ll be back 🙂

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    Line cutters and people who don’t take care of their children!

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    Myria Johnson

    Mine would have to be buses. I have seen some major fail on the part of Disney getting you to your destination. My friends had to wait so long for a bus once that after other guests called and complained (from the bus stop) they all ending up getting special fast passes. Your article made me laugh and wasn’t nearly as negative as I thought it was going to be.

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    Cecelia Koman

    Tour groups! Biggest pet peeve. Plus the people who stop in the middle of traffic to take a picture or read a map. Move to the side or learn to read and walk please!

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    Ok, I get that–we’re gonna enjoy it while we can!!

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    Adventures in Mousedom

    Nothing in particular is wrong with Captain EO. You either love it or hate it, I think. I particularly hate it. With a passion. The seats are cool though. And the air conditioning. That’s nice too.

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    Lorie Liptak

    1. Families who rent scooters then share it amongst themselves. I have seen the individual who medically needs the scooter wait on a park bench or in a restaurant while a family member rides the scooter, with a child on their lap, thru the handicap line of a ride. I also saw a gentleman push his wife in a wheelchair into a show, but when the show was over, the wife pushed him out in the wheelchair.
    2. Disney Park maps. Although they are beautiful, the pathways never seem quite accurate in respect to if they are a deadend or actually continue.

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    What’s wrong with Captain EO? My daughter and I were so excited they brought it back!

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    Line cutters especially in areas without ropes. Bad experience with a grandmother passing my daughter in line to get her picture made with Donald Duck. My daugther as the only person in line this grandmother pushes her two grandkids in line in front of my daughter and then poses for pictures when we think she is done she brings in another six and I mean six people to get into the picture and then they want individuals for everybody….I managed to smile in our picture while queen of hearts thoughts were going through my mind. “Off with their heads!” 🙂

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    I so agree with you on the Baby Care Centers……for those of us who have larger kids with special needs this is our only option for a private (somewhat) changing facility. My daughter is 11 and obviously can’t use a toddler changing table in the regular bathrooms, nor would I subject her to such a busy and visible place. I mean, for real, she’s almost a teenager! Any 11 year old would be mortified!! So I’m all for a 2nd locale…..especially in AK, that can be a monster trek!

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