Main Street Bakery


A mainstay on Main Street U.S.A., the Main Street Bakery has officially reopened at Magic Kingdom park. Popular Disney-made treats are now joined by Starbucks drinks and food items. Starbucks favorites include coffee and espresso and Frappuccino-blended beverages, along with breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

See below for images of the new menus.



  • Wendy

    They the best brownies, I could never finish it because they’re big.

  • Patricia Phelps-Gray

    I too just “found” this yummy little gem.

  • Melissa Springer Caballero

    One of my favorite family traditions is to start our day in the Magic Kingdom with a warm cinnamon bun!!!

  • Skliza410

    Our favorite most recent find. Love thier crossiant breakfast sandwiches and their apple turnovers are my kids absolute favorite, they still talk about them!

  • Katherine A

    Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins.

    Maybe I’d better not make the trip across the pond after all! My waistline might not ever recover.