Disney Parks 2014 Promotion ‘Show your Disney Side’ and 24 hour details

24 hours

Hiya peeps. It’s is I, Anonymouse! You probably knew that already. I have some really incredible gossip for my fellow Disney Addicts. You are going to love this!! Good ole Chiperoo just won’t leave me alone. He always wants more and more Disney Gossip. He is such a pain. Shhh don’t tell him I said that.

Before I go any further let’s remember these are rumors and nothing has been confirmed yet. However let me toot my own horn for a minute and say that I am usually right! Ok not usually but I am pretty close. ūüėČ

First up we have Disney Parks 2014 Promotion. A little birdie, possibly the one from Cinderella, told me next year’s promotion will be called, “Show Your Disney Side“. I know odd title right? The campaign is said to be something like this: Show your Disney Side, everyone has one. Come out and play and bring out the fun in your family. At the place where dreams come true.

Sounds pretty good, I think. It’s something different and exciting! I mean it’s no Year of a Million Dreams…

If you were at the Disney Travel Agents Ear Marked Conference this week you probably know the full details, unfortunately I was not and I had to rely on my little birdies to tell me just a little info. Full details will be coming out very soon though.

Next up…

On to my favorite news of the year! Disney is said to be bringing back the extremely popular Disney 24 hour event!¬†I know you are screaming right now aren’t you? I did! You remember this years event was called Monstrous Summer All Nighter. They had cool shirts like the one above, yummy treats, an all night dance party, and even Chip made an appearance. I wasn’t there but I heard Chip even busted a move. I did follow along on the Official Chip and Co Instragram.

I think it is going to be the same day, or around the same day as last year (May 23rd the Friday before Memorial Day). I also overheard that it may be Maleficent themed, since the movie comes out around the same time (May 30th). I love Maleficent, so I am hoping this is true. Either way you can’t go wrong with 24 hours at Disney.

Well ladies and gentlemen that is all the excitement I can handle for today. I bid you adieu!

Any who, that is all the Disney Gossip I have right now. For my past Gossip articles be sure to check them out here.

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Anonymouse searches the internet, annoys cast members, and wouldn’t think twice about using a Ouija board to find you the freshest Disney Gossip.
Some of what she’ll report is confirmed, some is based on information from the rumor mill, and some, frankly, she just read on the bathroom wall in Fantasyland.

So take it with a grain of salt and have fun!

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