Disney Helps Reunite Marine with his Family at Disneyland

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Many men and women in the United States have to leave their families to fight for their country. They often miss their child’s birth, first steps, and so much more. The Walt Disney Company often tries to help these families in any way they can.

Marine Scott Brown left for Afghanistan in August 2012, leaving behind his wife Jen, daughter Alyssa, and son Liam. The Browns, formerly from Mount Pleasant, Michigan, have now relocated to southern California. As San Diego residents, Disneyland has become one of Alyssa’s favorite places. The family was able to spend time there together on a memorable trip before daddy had to leave. Therefore, Jen just knew that she had to surprise Alyssa and Liam at Disneyland when daddy finally returned home.

Jen was able to arrange a special reunion for her children and their daddy with the help of a little Disney magic! Once at Disneyland, Alyssa met Snow White at the wishing well. Alyssa then told Snow White that her wish was for her daddy to come home. Then, Snow White and Alyssa both covered their eyes and said their wish, “I wish that daddy would come home.” When Alyssa uncovered her eyes, her daddy was standing right in front of her!

Disney is known as “the happiest place on earth” for so many reasons! Disney works to make every guest experience magical and special. They definitely helped make this little girl’s wish come true to have her daddy home again.

Check out this video from Fox 17.

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