What is Disney Bounding? How do you do it?



First of all, a word of caution! Disney Bounding can be very addicting! Got that?  Now that you’ve been warned, let’s explore what Disney Bounding is.

So what is this crazy Disney Bound thing we keep hearing about?  Easily put, it’s an amalgamation of Disney and fashion. This is a great way to rock your DisneySide at the parks, or even in your everyday life. Disney Bounding is a way of dressing up as your favorite character using inspired color palettes, accessories, and clothing styles to look like the character, without actually being in costume. You simply use items from your own wardrobe or your usual retailers.

Now that we know what it is, how can we do it? Easy! Find a character that inspires you and let your creative juices flow. Look for clothing that has a matching color to your character, or even a similar style. Mix them up with playful accessories that embody your character’s muse.  Going as Merida? Try finding a bow and arrow necklace and maybe even a plaid scarf to emblazon her Celtic pride. The best part is you can dress as casual or fancy as you want. A casual princess Day can be a cute tank top, with shorts that match the colors of her dress. A Disney Addict will know exactly who you are spot lighting, while a casual observer will have no idea you are channeling your inner hero or villain. The possibilities are endless! If you need some help, try checking out Google, Pinterest, or Instagram for ideas.

You can be as obvious or demure about it as you like. A great way to really have your character shine through is by wearing accessories with images featuring them. Custom painted shoes can especially be a great addition to any Disney Bounding outfit. The best part is that with a custom item you know you’ll be unique! Even if you lose your shoe while dancing with Prince Charming at Midnight, you know he’ll be able to find you with your matching one.


Now that we know how to do it, I can’t wait to see your creations! Check out some of ours below if you would like more inspiration. Who do you want to Disney Bound as? Make sure to tell us in the comments!

annacoronation snowwhite

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  • Christina Struck

    My daughter already does this! She loves that skirt in the Anna picture. :)