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    If I’m understanding correctly, I think this is for people who only want the “plus” part of PhotoPass+

    ie -PhotoPass+ is a combo of PhotoPass and Attractions+ but you had to do both to get the attraction photos before.

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    I will be honest we can’t afford Photopass. We usually get a card then ask the photographer to use our SLR camera too.

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    It would be nice if they were just included on the Photo Pass, which costs a lost as it is (but is nowhere near as pricey as the Cruise Line photo deals – but those can include prints and digital images). I’ve had a few ride pictures show up on my CD one time, like Test Track, Buzz Lightyear and Tower of Terror.

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    Jodi / MagicalMouseSchoolhouse

    So this is separate from the PhotoPass+? Why don’t they just add the rest of the attractions to that offer instead?

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