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  • Aww, So sweet, love nostalgia Disney. hate we missed it, Can’t wait to be a passholder one day, maybe before my kids grow up 😉

  • Audrey

    We will be there Jan 27- Feb 4. I am hoping The Big Bad Wolf will be there. My 6 year old has always wanted to meet him she always ask when we go if she may get to meet him. We are celebrating her Birthday so this would be a wonderful B’day Gift!!

  • E-ticket-lizabeth

    Prince John (had a memorable dinner with him at the Villains’ Dinner one year), Thumper, Roger Rabbit, Pocahontas, JoJo, Kermit . . . the list goes on and on!

  • We will be there next week, so I will keep a look out!

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Robin Hood and Friar Tuck. Don’t have much interest in the rest. I thought these would be a bit more exciting than what they are. I mean the hats really weren’t too special. And it isn’t like they were giving them away. The snow in canada probably was a little cool. Meet and greets really aren’t our families thing. We do some here and there but if we don’t get a picture with them, it isn’t going to ruin our trip. Just my opinion. 😉

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