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    I have heard Cinderella’s step-sisters and Lady Tremaine are hilarious! They weren’t at 1900 Park Fare when I dined there. I really need to try to find them on my next trip!

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    Three of us, ages 27,29,and 32 went to the Character meal with Cinderella at 1900 Park Fare. We had the best time with the two step-sisters and the step mother! They were so funny and interacted with us for a long time. Prince Charming took pictures with each of us. Cinderella was beautiful and when we told her how handsome her Prince was she said, “Yes! Yes he is.” and gave him a loving look. The food was amazing. The strawberry soup was to die for! A few year later, we went back and had breakfast with Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. Again they were so funny and interacted with adults is a great way! I can’t wait to go again!! We call it our girls trip with no grown ups!

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    How fun! Living near WDW someday is one of my dreams!

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    Paul Saint

    Won’t be a vacation, since I live in the Orlando area, Kim. But I’m a proud Annual Passholder and have been for over 10 years now. Looking forward to my special celebration at WDW.

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    How fun! Enjoy your trip!

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    1900 Park Fare is such a fun place to eat! I remember meeting Mary Poppins there. She is always so fun to talk to. Have a great time on your vacation and happy birthday!

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    I love meeting them too, but I will only wait in line to see them if it’s an extremely short line. So character dining is the perfect way to meet them! I had some friends without kids dine at Akershus recently . They all loved dining there!

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    It’s always so fun to dine with the characters!

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    Amy White

    My husband and I are going without the kids for the first time in September. We have 5 character meals booked and I am so excited about all of them! I love seeing the characters as much, if not more, than our kids!

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    Paul Saint

    I can truly say, I’ve had the pleasure or having a meal in several places with plenty of characters coming around. My first time staying on property at WDW was in 1992, when I came on my own. I had the BEST time the entire trip. I was especially excited in joining Mary Poppins over at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Resort, prior ro heading to the Magic Kingdom. Meeting Mary was truly a thrill for me, and I was in my 30’s back then. Since I am about to turn 52, I am hoping to enjoy a special meal for my birthday coming up. I will be working on my actual birthday, but will be at one of the parks on the 21st…celebrating!

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    Glad to read this. My husband and I are making our first visit to WDW next month, and I have booked us in for CRT, Akerhus, Crystal Palace and Tusker House. I’m keen to meet characters, he’s keen not to line up to meet characters- win win!

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    Alfred Menna

    I travel alone and always do as many character dinings as I can.

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